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Seasonal Cuisine


Gion Kawakami does not have a set menu that changes from month to month. Rather, we use seasonal ingredients to change our menu from day to day, based on our individual guest's requests. As our establishment cherishes the irreplaceable bond it has with its guests, we are devoted to providing good service and cuisine that each and every guest can call "delicious" with a smile.

We strive to prepare cuisine that makes full use of the natural flavor and fragrance in its ingredients, so that guests can enjoy the finest luxury nature has to offer.

About Us

Lunch Menu

Chochin Bento \3,990
Kaiseki Cuisine \5,250/\8,400/\10,500

Dinner Menu

Kaiseki Cuisine \10,500/\13,650/\15,750/\18,900

* Tax and service charges separate

About Us